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Born 1950, Los Angeles, California. Lives and paints in London.

“My first startling encounter with Haidee Becker’s painting is refreshing with each new exhibition. Friends of hers and mine had left with her their two children for a few days. When I saw the portraits of the two, painted during those days, the shock of their live presence, in such marvelously fluid and moulded colours, was something I shall never forget. Those pictures became, for me, an ideal, of portraiture. The painted surface like some kind of precious substance – nothing fixed or cold, yet nothing arbitary or external – and a vibrant immediacy of the person.

After that, I got to know some of her still lives and flowers. They have, for me, the essential quality; the revelation of a passionate inwardness, like portraits of hypnagogic images just about to materialize, lit and shadowed with a turbulent yet magnetic inner form. The depth is the psychological depth of great sweetness – gently and powerfully focused. Living with them has confirmed all my first impressions about them.”

TED HUGHES (1930-1998)



  • 1971-77   Pupil of Uli Nimptsch RA
  • 1975   Worked under Fritz Wotruba at the Vienna Academy, Austria
  • 1971-85   Pupil of Adrian Ryan
  • 1972-85   Studies with Elizabeth Keys
  • 1970   Studies with Herta Koetner and Andrea Moering, London
  • 1969   Studies with Anthony Whishaw, Sophie Wysotsky, and Jean Gibson, London

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