• advice on buying

    advice on buying

    Patrick Bourne & Co. advise clients on auction purchases and private sales, as part of short-, mid- and long-term collecting strategies, and for a one-off purchase or project or building a collection. We recognise that the art market can appear opaque and complex and we aim to make it intelligable and enjoyable.


    We operate at the highest level of due diligence. For each artwork under consideration, and for a fixed fee, our service includes:

    - First-hand inspection of the work

    - Professional opinion regarding the quality, condition, provenance, market history and value 
    - Professional view of market conditions, hidden costs and further due diligence required

    - Direct sale negotiations to achieve the most competitive price or formal representation as a client's buying agent at auction

    - Dealing with post-sale logistics including shipping arrangements

  • Advice on selling

    Advice on selling

    We offer informed advice on the best way to sell your works of art for the highest net financial return.
    There are various options and myriad aspects to consider:
    - Is now the right time to sell? What are the market conditions?

    - Auction, through a commercial gallery or private sale?
    - Would an instutiton be interested?

    - If at auction, which saleroom, and which venue?
    - How do I negotiate the best possible selling terms for consignments?

    For a fixed fee, Patrick Bourne & Co. analyse and discuss potential strategies with our clients, taking into account their individual requirements.

  • Valuations and Collection Management

    Valuations and Collection Management

    There is responsibility associated with the ownership of a single, valuable work of art as well as with a large collection. Care and management are important to the long-term value of both.
    We advise on: 
    - conservation and restoration
    - framing
    - lighting
    - insurance and security
    - museum loans
    - transportation 


    Valuations for all purposes are undertaken, including equitable family division.